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Lean for Clinical Redesign Collaborative Process Initiative

Program Overview

The Lean CPI is classified as a professional collaborative process initiative (CPI) within the BCBSM Value Partnerships Program. The Lean CPI supports the development of a sustainable lean learning program within Physician Organizations (POs) and Practice Units (PUs). Creating a culture of problem solving and continuous improvement will enable organizations to adapt to changing models of healthcare. The area of focus of the Lean CPI has been re-aligned with BCBSM’s strategic objective of improved quality performance as measured by HEDIS® measures.

Through three consecutive 18-week lean learning cycles with a PO, the Lean CPI coaches the PO and its selected PUs through the principles of lean thinking to support practice transformation and problem solving capability development. The learning cycles involve experience-based learning and application-based coaching for both PO and PU staff. A Plan-Do-Study-Adjust (PDSA) problem solving approach with an A3 based documentation format is used to define a problem, understand the current condition, develop goals and identify root causes. Building frontline problem solving capability enables the practice units to continuously improve beyond their work with the Lean CPI.