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Medical Advantage Group Lean Training Program

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MAG has developed a unique approach to Lean that promotes participation and accomplishments. MAG’s program delivers training in half-day sessions that are held locally with up to five practices in a workshop. In addition, MAG hosts three large-group sessions attended by all workshop participants to learn and share best practices. MAG’s program fosters peer-to-peer learning. Lean practices increase:

  • Quality measures
  • PCMH capabilities
  • Efficiency in practice processes
  • Culture and communication in the practice
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Physician and staff satisfaction

The MAG Lean Training Program builds regional areas of Lean expertise across Michigan. After the first year of participation, a practice becomes an Alumni Club member and continues doing Lean cycles to improve. Click to learn about MAG’s previous Lean successes.

Current Lean Practices


MAG Alumni Club: Archive of the 2010-11 Learning Collaborative