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2012 United Physicians’ Lean Collaborative

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Participating practice units have expressed concern over the current state of functionality within their practice unit, recognizing the gap between PCMH principles and the way in which their practice unit currently functions. Process redesign is necessary in order to support practice transformation in accordance with PCMH principles.

The United Physicians’ Lean Learning Collaborative will serve as the vehicle for participating practice units to sustain health care of the highest value by means of increasing office efficiencies, supporting a culture of continuous improvement in the practice unit and advancing PCMH principles.

Using Lean Thinking principles and methods, and guided by the Lean Coordinating Center, participating practices will:

  • Focus on implementing and sustaining a positive cultural change within the practice unit
  • Identify and develop a member of the office staff to focus on Lean thinking in order to continue to implement and support change
  • Participate in the sharing of best practices among the participating practice units to support shared learning
  • Identify what needs to be redesigned for efficient and effective preventive care and chronic disease management
  • Identify and address major barriers in implementing the PCMH domains of function
  • Discover how to identify meaningful process metrics to both track and measure areas of improvement
  • Learn to identify areas of waste in order to better utilize the resources available to the practice unit

United Physicians’ Lean Collaborative Charter

Practice Team Contacts: A listing of all participating practices

Meeting Schedule

Go See Visits: This page contains the sign-up sheets, office info sheet template, and Go See host template for the Go Sees.

Preparing Lean Leaders: Agendas, presentation slides, and activities from the clinic coach prep workshops held in February/March 2012.


United Cycle 1: Archive of the 2011 Learning Collaborative